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NATIXIS Powerpoint

ROLE & CONTRIBUTION Art Director and Designer.


Natixis Investment Managers

Target Audience:
• Investment Professionals (Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers)

Increase awareness of Durable Portfolio Construction® as a research resource for investment professionals to better educate their clients and navigate market volatility.

Key Messages:
Market volatility is a challenge for all investors. Durable Portfolio Construction® offers the research and insights investment professionals need to effectively educate their clients and develop sound investment strategies.

Creative Direction:
Headline: Consider headlines that build on the concept of "Evening the Odds" or use strong verbs like "Empower" or "Equip." For example:
"Empower Your Clients: Navigate Volatility with Durable Portfolio Construction®"
"Equip Yourself for Success: Investor Education with Durable Portfolio Construction®"

Call to action:
All creative assets should include a clear call to action, such as "Learn More" or "Download Free Research." This should direct investment professionals to a landing page with more information on Durable Portfolio Construction® and its resources.