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KRAZATI Omnichannel Email

ROLE & CONTRIBUTION Art Director and Designer.


Mirati Therapeutics

Target Audience:
• Oncologists
• Pulmonologists
• Hematologists
• Healthcare Professionals
• Medical Researchers

1. Promote Awareness: Create awareness about KRAZATI as an innovative treatment option for NSCLC.
2. Educate and Inform: Provide comprehensive information about the drug's efficacy, safety, and benefits.
3. Drive Engagement: Encourage healthcare professionals to request more information or connect with Mirati Therapeutics.
4. Support Patients: Provide patients and caregivers with information on the drug and resources for support.

Key Messages:
1. Breakthrough Innovation: Position KRAZATI as a cutting-edge solution that brings hope to NSCLC patients.
2. Efficacy and Safety: Highlight the drug's proven efficacy and safety profile through clinical trials.
3. Patient-Centric Approach: Emphasize the patient's well-being and comfort throughout their journey.
4. Partnership with Healthcare Professionals: Highlight Mirati's commitment to collaboration with healthcare providers.

Tone and Style:
• Empathetic and Compassionate: Show empathy towards the struggles of NSCLC patients and their caregivers.
• Authoritative: Convey a sense of authority and reliability in the information provided.
• Positive and Hopeful: Inspire hope and positivity in the face of a challenging diagnosis.
• Professional: Maintain a professional tone to establish credibility.

1. Personalization: Tailor messages to each audience segment for a more personalized experience.
2. Responsive Design: Ensure the email templates are responsive and user-friendly on all devices.
3. Clear CTA: Include clear calls to action for healthcare professionals to request information and patients to access resources.
4. Interactive Elements: Use interactive elements like videos or animations to engage the audience.
5. Social Sharing: Enable easy sharing of success stories and information through social media.
6. Localized Content: Include translations or region-specific information for a global audience.