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CLENPIQ Website Refresh

ROLE & CONTRIBUTION Art Director and Designer, collaborated with a Creative Director on layout.

LInk to website

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Target Audience:
Patients and caregivers

To update the CLENPIQ website with the latest information about the drug; To make the website more user-friendly and informative; To increase traffic to the website

Key Messages:
CLENPIQ is effective and safe; CLENPIQ is easy to take; CLENPIQ is a good choice for patients needing a colon cleaning before a colonoscopy

Tone and Style:
The website should be professional and informative; The website should use clear and concise language; The website should use visuals to help explain the drug and its benefits

The website should include the following features: A detailed overview of CLENPIQ; Information about the drug's side effects; Information about the drug's dosage and administration; A list of CLENPIQ prescribing information

Design: The website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate; The website should use a consistent color scheme and font; The website should use high-quality images with new illustrations